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SAIAATXDA3Client - UI - Fixed an issue where the tab icons where displaying as red squares.
DHUSAG5N25Fix a Notes Crash with Windows 10 and update Kb3194798.
YGAOAAQMHXFixed an issue where the mapped network drive is not visible (due to a long share name) when detaching attachments
CKUAAHB8PNFix an issue where it takes long time to open a DJX address list
DWHL9D8JBJFix an issue where an embedded view with an onSelect event does not fire the onSelect event, if the view is from a different...
CSAOAKF4XXFixed a Notes Client startup performance issue caused by Smart Upgrade initialization in a VMWare VDI.
ACVR9HHS55Fixed a Notes Client crash when sending mail to groups from recent contacts.This was a regression introduced in 8.5.3 and 9.0.
AYAVAQF7WZFix an issue where sent internet mail shows as "serif" font instead of "san serif"
BHUY6UWCR8Fix an issue where a URL Hotspot overwrites the content of a previously opened window when using Microsoft Internet Explorer
ANIAAKYCNYFixed the Sametime Awareness icon to display for recipients' alternate name in a Memo.
JVEKAR7J8FFixed an issue where public email groups do not expand. This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP8
JVEKAQ5JALFixed a roaming user issue that results in an empty "At Location" field when a user roams to another computer. This was a regression introduced in...
JVEKAS9JWXFix a Notes Basic Client crash when forwarding documents
JVEKARBEP2Fixed an issue where the contents are not displayed after editing if a Richtext field contains an image and "Store contents as HTML and MIME" is...
JVEKARNDZ8Fixed an issue where upgrading from 9.0.1 FP8 to 9.0.1 FP9, a user cannot change the Language Tag in Text Properties for MIME Email when they reply...
FBAIAGED4DFix a user name lookup issue with the Notes Basic Client when it contains a slash
JVEKAPMFWREmail with Japanese characters are not shown properly on a PC with Chinese regional settings
JKEY7H4FVWixes error in suggesting meeting timeslots which 75% of the participants can attend. An INI variable ENABLE_PARTICIPANTPERCENT_STRICT=1 can be used...
JMEAAC4QPBFix an issue where the password is displayed on the Notes Client splash screen while loading
NDDC9J2LG5Fixed an issue where the URL in a forwarded email created using Win8.1 Tablet opens in the embedded browser and not the default OS...
KKWE9V8HDTFixed an issue where the Notes Client crashes when opening a corrupt email message
RUYAAM2QGCFixed an issue with meetings in summary view showing under wrong date, for federated calendar entries created in a different...
RREN9P9KWRFixed an issue where folder will not be expanded when the database is re-opened.
SSIRAS99AGAdded an ini "DisableFontSizeMimeImprovement" to disable the fix for SPR #SSIRAAGJX8 that went into 901FP9
SJMM9F82TVFixed the Addmodifiedlistener() method
SKAI9UW3JXFix an issue where the 'IDEXTRAFILENAME' parameter does not work in the Japanese Notes Client


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